Tuscan Archipelago


Live the luxury to treat yourself in one of the Tuscan islands. Reach your destination aboard a private helicopter and enjoy your time surrounded just by crystal clear sea, blue sky and the scent of stillness.

A group of beautiful small islands lies in front of Punta Ala. Choose the famous seaside location as starting point of an exclusive tour overflying the Tuscan Archipelago. Then, indulge yourself with a daily tour of the beautiful Isola del Giglio with its sublime little bays or experience the uncontaminated crystal-sea of Giannutri island.

And why not reach on board of a comfortable private helicopter the Capraia Island? Different from all other islands of the Archipelago, Capraia will amaze you with its small port and its beautiful village developed around a 16th-century Castle.

In Capraia, you can breathe the fragrances of the sea and nature blended together. The same synthesis of natural elements that makes the stunning beauty of this little island and that you could experience in your luxurious trip.

Whatever island you will decide to visit on your tour, have fun with a bit of snorkeling or just relax yourself sunbathing in one of its most secluded beaches of the Archipelago or just tasting some of the fine Tuscan wine. You have just to be spoilt.

This is Life and Punta Ala Luxury Service are at your disposal to help you in creating your personalized luxurious trip to the Tuscan archipelago as well as to the Argentario area.

Feel free to contact us to know more info on your daily experience.

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