Porto Santo Stefano and Argentario


Discover the gorgeous Argentario peninsula by flying on board of a luxury private helicopter. Stop-by at the wonderful Porto Santo Stefano and experience all the magic of this paradise on earth.

Feel the emotion to expand your view over the horizon of an incredibly suggestive place such as Argentario. From the exclusive Punta Ala, embark yourself on a one-day trip aboard a private helicopter heading to an another exceptional destination like Porto Santo Stefano.

Little Italian peninsula located in the Grosseto area, Porto Santo Stefano is the core of the Argentario area, globally renowned for its charming atmosphere.

Let the wind blow through your hair and immerse yourself in a memorable experience surrounded by the timeless beauty of these places, created as little gems inside a quiet oasis of luxury.

This is Life and Punta Ala Luxury Service are at your disposal to help you in creating your personalized luxurious trip to Argentario.

Feel free to contact us to know more info on your one-day experience.

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