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Stunning gems

Wherever your desires carry you on, let This is Life be on your side in setting your most dazzling yacht vacation ever. No matter if you will visit the Caribbean for the first time or you are a frequent traveller to that area,  we promise you an unparalleled experience of amazing places and intense emotions. Choose one of our suggested places or get a bespoke luxury yachting itinerary just by getting in touch with us.

 Leeward Islands

 The worldwide-known ravishing beauty of the Leeward Islands is the main protagonist of the dreams of many travellers dreamed. There are many reasons why Leeward Islands incarnate the concept of a lush vacation: dazzling sands, crystalline water are just two of the elements that compose these heaven on earth. The group of the Leeward Islands includes Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Anguilla, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Dominica and Saba. For their structure, they embody the perfect location for those who love sailing  as well as they offer a variety of evocative itineraries, at the pace of luxury and uncontaminated nature.

 St Barthélemy

 Considered to be one of the most exclusive Caribbean venues, St Barthélemy attracts every year a high number of superyachts with its charming, chic atmosphere. Home to super exclusive events for yacht lovers, St Barth will seduce your heart with its fine restaurants, white beaches and turquoise water. From here, life looks every day stunningly splendid, hanging on in a perfect balance between a lifestyle, a luxury sophistication and a secluded nature. In one word, the quintessential of style. That same style that makes the island become a hub of megayachts in May during the St Barth Bucket regatta,

Do you want to start your luxury yacht cruise from St. Barthélemy Island? Contact us!

 Antigua and Barbuda

 Antigua and Barbuda are one of the most desired destinations by young couples just married all over the world, beside all those families than chose this place to celebrate gorgeous holidays. Here, on a board of a luxury yacht, time seems to slow down while lying in a sweet idle. Antigua is defined by a unique geographical shape that makes it outstanding among the other Caribbean islands. Covered by unrivalled beaches, the island features as capital St. John, a place suspended in time and space evoking poetic feeling.

On the other hand, during your yacht experience, you cannot miss Barbuda, the little secluded sister of Antigua. Here, pink sand beaches offer a lush retreat with a stunning wildlife.

Do you want to start your luxury yacht cruise from Antigua and Barbuda Islands? Contact us!


 To live the chic French style at the Caribbean, you can reach the beautiful island of Guadalupe on board of your luxury yacht. While cruising your way to this gorgeous paradise, you will cherish inspiring corners of sunny beaches. And if you look for natural gems, the National Park will provide you relaxing views immersed in an inspiring nature.

Do you want to start you luxury cruise from Guadaloupe? Contact us!