With the High Performance driving course, Maserati offers its owners and enthusiasts a driving training courses that has specifically conceived to take driving techniques and driver’s skills to the highest level.

This driving course programme include a number of sessions on the Varano de’ Melegari racetrack in order to make technically advanced exercises.

A staff of Maserati expert drivers will help participants in improving their proficiency through the analysis of Formula 1 type telemetry data.

The driving course and the level of complexity of exercises will be adapt to the individual needs. Next appointment in the 2014 Master Maserati season 2014 is on October 23rd and 24th.

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To get more detailed info about the Master Maserati High Performance driving course, email us at or reach us trough the form.

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Day 0 / 1 day before (optional)
17.30-20.00 Guest arrival at Hotel Parma & Congressi
1st day at the Track
8.45 Arrival at the track, accreditation and staff welcome
9.00 Master HP driving theory – 1st session
9.30 Guests are divided into groups with activities on a rotation basis Initial driving session with on-board instructor
10.30 Start of practical exercises.
Groups to rotate:
a) On track with telemetry analysis. Initial sessions with data acquisition systems
b) High speed pendulum turns
c) On track with telemetry analysis skill perfecting session with customized and incremental benchmark parameters
d) Circle
13.00 Lunch at the Circuit Restaurant
14.00 Practical drills restart
16.30 On track with instructor on board
17.30 Debriefing
17.45 Return to the Hotel (for participants who choose course with accommodation pack.)
20.30 Dinner (for participants who choose the course with accommodation package)

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