Ferrari Incentive & Events


Through our collaboration with Red Travel – a renowned luxury tour operator -, we offer our guests the unique opportunity to drive the latest Ferrari models produced in Maranello, by organizing top incentive events, team buildings, congresses and any kind of Ferrari meetings. Available at the one, three or five day version, our Ferrari events can accommodate 20 people (10 Ferraris), 40 people (10 Ferraris, 2 driving groups) or 80 people (10 Ferraris, 4 driving groups), bringing them ad the discovery of amazing places, such as Florence and Tuscany.
This is life & Partner Ferrari experience can be combined with several options, from cultural programs to wellness choices and leisure activities. All programs may be tailored to any kind of requests in terms of length, services and destinations.
Feel free to contact us to get more info about Ferrari incentive & events.

Criteria required driving our cars: 26-year age and 3-year license, B license (international license for guests coming from outside Europe)

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