(REF 205 LG) Hunting reserve & country house (Tuscany – Italy)


The whole area is about 140 acres, with various types of land for the cultivation of sorghum, sugar cane, olives (about 200 plants). There is also a lake, both for irrigation and for specific hunting activities.
The hunting area
The hunting reserve is about 210 acres, including 100 acres of property. The remaining field comes from neighboring land which has been leased for a competitive rental value.
Hunting is unbroken: it is possible to hunt birds from the third Sunday in September until January 31st. After that, on February 1st, the period of training dogs hunting with or without shooting starts, and that lasts until the next opening.
It is possible to conduct activities of hunting with shooting in the reserve:
o Mallard (with bulkheads in the lake), pheasants, partridges, quails, wild boar
Note: the period of shooting for the wild boar lasts the whole year.
The reserve has a large parking area and it is possible to organize hunting expeditions for groups up to 60 people.
The Country House
It consists of two large 450 square meter independent farmhouses, built in original stone, completely restored and divided into apartments.

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