New – Majestic Villa close to Lucca – Tuscany


This Villa is one of the most ancient and historically representative residences of the Lucca county. Built at the beginning of the 17th century by the Arnolfini family, who already owned a number of Palazzos inLucca, the villa experienced its most glorious period in the 19th century, when Attilio Silvestro Arnolfini left it to Ascanio Mansi, Prime Minister and Secretary of State of the House of Bourbon.

The property is located at 8 Km east of Lucca, and issurrounded by a park, which also include a “limonaia” garden.

The majestic villa measures 2.510 and is composed of 3 floors. It includes a total of 23 bedrooms, 8 staff/guest rooms, storage areas, reception halls and outdoor terraces. The basement leads to a large cellar dug into the tuff rock, with century-old oak barrels. The interiors are all perfectly kept and feature ceilings with frescoes by Gioacchino Pizzoli and Michele Colonna.

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