Empty Leg

Flight opportunities

Luxury has never been so favorable. This is Life & Partner offers you the opportunity to fly with sophisticated jets, traditionally named “Empty Legs”, operating without any passengers as they reposition back to their base. Our aim is to help you in finding the best available empty leg flight depending on your demands. Empty Legs represent an extraordinary, valuable opportunity to fly saving a percentage of the whole cost, but for their particular nature their accessibility cannot be guaranteed. Empty Legs usually are the return flights booked by a customer who has a last-minute change of plans. In this case, we could be forced to cancel your empty leg booking. Our commitment is to provide you with satisfying alternatives in the shortest time possible. See the updated table of available empty leg trips below:   Current Empty Legs

Date From To Aircraft Seats Price from
June/July 2015   Moscow    Olbia  Hawker 800XP     8  Eur 28,000
June/July 2015   Moscow    Nice  Hawker 800XP     8  Eur 28,000
June/July 2015   Moscow   Grosseto  Hawker 800XP     8  Eur 26,500
June/July 2015     Milan    Olbia  Hawker 800XP     8  Eur 10,600
June/July 2015     Milan     Ibiza  Hawker 800XP     8  Eur 13,800
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