Light Cabin

Light cabin

Experiencing light cabin means flying with executive private jets seating only a small group of people. Ideal for flights up to 8 passengers.

Passengers: 6
This category includes: Cessna Citation Bravo, Cessna Citation Jet 2, Cessna Citation Jet 3, Cessna Citation V/Ultra, Learjet 40, Premier 1

When you travel with a small group of people, the perfect solution is a light cabin aircraft. Carrying 6 – 8 passengers, its range can vary from 2 to 4.5 hours. So, if you plan to play golf with friends, there are several baggage compartments with enough room for your golf bags.

You will get a series of superior quality amenities during your flight. This is Life & Partner also offers you the opportunity to reach your specific venue, such as a green or a ski slope, simply flying with one of our modern helicopters from the arrival airport to your final destination. In a short time, you will be ready to enjoy your time.

No lengthy check-in process, no baggage troubles.

Get the excellence of our international private jet service; travel with This is life & Partner.

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