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When experience and innovation blend with the excellence of raw materials, the outcome is a work of art defined by great aesthetical value.

Our masterpieces keep the authenticity of the true craftsmanship tradition of the Italian master stonecutters in creating handiworks by using hammer and chisel, even today. Stonecutter’s skill is found in following the stone veins before starting to work on it in order to extract highly refined, durable works of art from raw material.

This is Life & Partner offers its extensive experience in creating magnificent interior and exterior design pieces, such as fountains, columns, fireplaces, washbasins, tables, and any other product by request, even starting from a simple sketch. For a touch of superior charm, each creation can be backlit and some materials allow products to be internally illuminated through LED and fiber optics.

Our artisans carve marble, granite, and precious natural stones, giving rise to shapes to be pleasantly stroked and experienced over time. We can also personalize any piece with inlays, finishing and decorations to fit our clients’ glamorous taste in furnishing. Like works of art, each outcome is created as a unique piece of design for which the commissioner can get the copyright.

By combining design, arts and crafts with the innovation of using cutting-edge technologies, a continuous evolution of lines defines our home collections, characterized by the unmistakable Italian style.

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