Charm and Luxury

Welcome to Charm and Luxury.

We invite you to discover Tuscany and its lure through a number of lavish services that will turn your travel experience into something based on the purest concept of Beauty.

From corporate yacht event to discover the pleasure of Luxury daily and weekly charter throughout the French Riviera as well as the Mediterranean, to luxury car rental including Ferrari tours starting from Tuscany or French Riviera – authentic journeys for experiencing incredible places at the thrilling pace that only a Ferrari can guarantee.

Moreover, our services have been recently enriched by our premium resort packages, encapsulating a romantic three-night vacation that is the latest of the treats created for those guests who wish an intimate few- day experience immersed in lavish havens in Florence, Forte dei Marmi as well in Argentario area or in any lush corner of Tuscany.

Last but not least, we offer our guests a sophisticated private jet and helicopter charter service to make your transfers a truly gorgeous experience.

At This is Life Luxury hub, we believe that time is the most precious luxury we own and that’s why our daily commitment is creating travel experiences that reflect the highest concept to which human beings can aim, pure Beauty.

Start now your enchanting experience with Charm and Luxury. We guarantee a fabulous stay in that you will never forget.


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