Maserati Centennial Gathering: 100 years of extra-ordinary elegance


This year, the famed automotive brand Maserati celebrates 100 years of history. 100 years of magnificent elegance that deserve to be honoured with all the exclusivity that has always distinguished the Italian luxury car producer.

For three days, from 18 to 20 September, Maserati owners and enthusiasts will gather in the place where everything started a hundred years ago, Modena, for the Maserati Centennial Gathering.

100 years have passed since the three brothers Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto Maserati opened their first car repair workshop in Via de’ Pepoli, Bologna.

Here, their passion for cars and racing brought them to prepare and modify cars for themselves. On the background, the First World War.

It was the year 1914 and, maybe, Maserati brothers didn’t know that a stunning international icon of Italian excellence was running its first steps along a way of immense elegance. For its milestone, the legendary brand is shaping an exclusive three-day-rally-tour, from Modena to Turin, in Italy.

After spending the first day in Modena by visiting the Maserati Centennial Exhibition hosted at the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, Maserati drivers will stop by in San Martino del Lago Circuit, near Cremona.

Then, the Maserati fleet will parade through the streets of Cremona before reaching out Turin, where the vehicles will line up in the historic Piazza Castello, followed by a gala dinner hosted at Reggia di Venaria palace.

On the final day of the tour, guests will visit the Giovanni Agnelli Plant, where the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte models are built and the final leg of the rally will move to the gorgeous Basilica di Superga.

The Maserati Centennial celebration will conclude with a concours d’elegance in Piazza San Carlo.

As proud partner of Maserati, we are pleased to invite you to take part to the exclusive Maserati Power Package for a Master Maserati Track Experience, on September 19th. On the occasion of the Centennial Gathering, a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of driving the high performing luxury cars on track has been created.

Varano 1021

 The driving experience will be accompanied by the advice of highly qualified instructors, led by ex-Formula 1 champion, Andrea De Adamich. The event will take place from 1pm and only 21 guests could have the opportunity to participate.

This is a unique opportunity to access the Maserati’s world in a deeper and even more exciting way, being part of a super exclusive event. For those living outside Italy, this is a fabulous way to travel at discovery of such beautiful places, at the pace of a Maserati’s rumble.

For further information and reservations about the event, please contact us at

Master Maserati Track Experience

When: 19th September 2014

Where: San Martino del Lago Circuit (Cremona, Italy)


1.00 pm Arrival at the track: Lunch

2.00 pm Accreditation, staff welcome and briefing

2.30 pm Initial driving session on track

3.30 pm Start of practical exercises. Groups to rotate:

-Driving on track: Division of participants into activity groups with analysis of the video filmed on board

-Power oversteer with and without ASR

4.30 pm Practical drills – groups to rotate

5.30 pm Practical drills – groups to rotate

6.30 pm Closing ceremony, awarding of certificates and special lift

7.00 pm Departure of guests

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